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Association of St. Louis Area Archivists



Missouri Botanical Garden



P.O. Box 299
St. Louis, MO 63166


(314) 577-5158


(314) 577-9590


Andy Colligan, Archivist


Mon-Fri, 9:00am-5:00pm


Open to qualified researchers. Materials do not circulate. Call for appointment.


  • Photographic services
  • Tours
  • Photocopying


Non-current Missouri Botanical Garden records, unpublished personal papers and pictorial materials relating to the history of botany and allied sciences with particular reference to horticulture, vascular plant taxonomy, landscape architecture, and persons connected with the Missouri Botanical Garden. Materials relate chiefly to St. Louis, the state of Missouri, and the 19th-century West, but also to other states and countries where Garden personnel have been active, (1818- ). Also, extensive photographic collections, architectural records, publications, oral histories, autograph and botanical art collections. Also on deposit are Missouri Museum Association Archives, Special Libraries Association Archives, Missouri Native Plant Society Archives, and Boxwood Society Archives.


  1. Henry Shaw Papers, (1818-1889), 49 cu. ft. Shaw's business records of hardware, import trade, St. Louis real estate, Missouri Botanical Garden, and personal papers.
  2. George Engelmann Papers, (1820-1884), 47 cu. ft. Correspondence relating to botany and botanical surveys, Western exploration, and Engelmann's botanical notebooks.
  3. Edgar Anderson Papers, (1897-1964), 12 cu. ft. Material relating to Anderson's research and some personal papers.
  4. Julian Steyermark Papers, (1903-1959), 9 cu. ft. Field notes, maps, and photographs relating to research on the flora of Missouri and plants of Guatemala and Venezuela.
  5. Ferdinand Jacob Lindheimer Papers, (1869-1952), 1 cu. ft. Correspondence and manuscripts.
  6. William Trelease Papers, (1885-1912), 4 cu. ft. Subjects include administration of Missouri Botanical Garden Library and publications programs, photos, and correspondence.
  7. E. Lewis Sturtevant Papers, (1884-1899), 3 cu. ft. Correspondence with William Trelease related to gift of Pre-Linnean Library to the Garden, notes on edible plants and other botanical and agricultural subjects.
  8. Historical Manuscripts Collection, (1545-1980), 7.3 cu. ft. Autograph collection of botanists, naturalists, and persons associated with the Garden. Lists of plants and correspondence related to collections in the Garden's Herbarium.
  9. David Allen Poe Watt Papers, (1860-1902), .3 cu. ft. Correspondence concerning ferns.


Unpublished inventories available for the George Engelmann Papers, the Henry Shaw Papers, the Edgar Anderson Papers, and the William Trelease Papers.


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