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Association of St. Louis Area Archivists



St. Louis Art Museum



One Fine Arts Dr.
Forest Park
St. Louis, MO 63110


(314) 655-5452


(314) 721-4911



Norma Sindelar, Archivist


Visitors to the archives are welcome Tues-Fri, 10am-5pm, or by appointment. We can also be reached by phone Mon-Fri, 8:30am-5pm.


Service is provided to museum staff and qualified researchers. Materials do not circulate. Inquiries may be directed to the archivist. Call for an appointment.


  • Photocopying
  • Online catalog


The archives provides a center for housing historical materials and inactive records. Most of the holdings are institutional files representing all departments of the museum. The earliest of these records date from the late 19th century (St. Louis School & Museum of Fine Arts); and continue through our history as the City Art Museum of St. Louis and the Saint Louis Art Museum. Types of material included with records generated by various departments are: correspondence and other manuscript material, photographs, architectural designs & blueprints, scrapbooks, publicity, audio-visual materials. Use of some records by the public may be subject to restrictions. We also have a few non-institutional collections relating to local collectors, artists and scholars.


  1. Directors Office Records (1880s- ). Records documenting general museum administration, exhibitions, events, gifts, loans, and other museum operations.
  2. Curatorial Office Records (1930s- ). Materials relating to all curatorial activities. Includes numerous series reflecting the expansion of the department to address specialized areas of the collection (Ancient & Islamic, Asian, European, Modern, AOA, Decorative Arts, PDP, American).
  3. Morton D. May Papers (1955-1983). Papers documenting the art collection of St. Louis collector and museum donor, Morton D. May. He collected primarily in the areas of Pre-Columbian, Oceanic, African, and 20th century German art.
  4. Victor H. Proetz Collections (1920s-1950s). Six collections relating to the work of St. Louis Designer and architect, Victor H. Proetz.
  5. Louisiana Purchase Exposition, records of the art department (1901-1909). Correspondence, reports, applications, and other planning materials concerning the display in the Art Palace at the time of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition in 1904.
  6. Halsey C. Ives Collection (1876-1926). Correspondence, writings, photographs, scrapbooks, and memorabilia belonging to the first director of the museum, donated by his granddaughter.
  7. Papers of the James F. Ballard Rug Collection (1904-1973). Personal papers, photographs, and printed material documenting the rug collection of James F. Ballard.
  8. Frances Del Mar Collections (ca 1916). Two collections, consisting primarily of photographs, documenting Del Mars studies of Maori and other native cultures in New Zealand, Samoa and Tahiti.
  9. George E. Hibbard Collection (1960s-1990s). Papers concerning the collections, research, and travels of the noted collector and scholar; documenting his interest in Asian art and culture.
  10. Photographs (1881- ). Interior and exterior views of the first museum building and the present building; exhibitions and events held at the museum; visitors, guests and museum staff.
  11. Margot Clark Collection (1960s-1980s). Correspondence, reference materials, notes, presentations, publications, etc. documenting the research activities of art history professor, Dr. Margot Clark.
  12. Marie Taylor Collection (1946-1979). Nearly 200 photographs, with supplementary material, showing works of sculpture by St. Louis artist, Marie Taylor.


Guide to the Holdings of theSaint Louis Art Museum Archives (Revised, 2004).


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